Time of Magic Seamless Kaleidoscope Video Footage


Abstract Art video based on unique draw artwork by Anna Musiienko

  • Video clip length: 00:18
  • FPS: 30
  • Aspect ratio: 16:9
  • Standard footage license
  • without music track
  • without watermarks
  • seamless
  • instant digital download (nothing will be shipped)
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Looking for a great way to make unique background for your communication to the world?

Deep Orange Wavy Reflection Surface Macro. Trendy Colorful Fluid Abstraction Flow. Beautiful Gradient Texture. Beautiful abstraction of waves, color gradient Orange, Purple, Blue and Pink. Abstract kaleidoscope Seamless Video Footage for Beauty Industry and Beauty Business. For yoga, purpose of numerology, spiritual growth, for non-material, psychical, psychological resources.

Suitable for your online identity:

  • web sites
  • social media footage background
  • Instagram Feeds and Instagram Stories
  • Facebook Feeds and Facebook Stories
  • best for numerology, astrology, human design, esoteric, psychological industry

So see your own color «to wear» in my video and draw arts, add your own sounds to complete your Worlds views.

LISTEN to the world. It is called World, and it is not hard to hear at all: The SOUNDS may be laughter, sighs, contented belches. They may be the clog-clog of machinery or beating hearts. They may be the breathing of multitudes or their words. They may be footsteps, footsteps, the sound of a kiss, a slap, the cry of a baby. Music. Music, perhaps.

Then forget the sounds and the words and look at the world.

First, colors: Name one. RED? There’s a riverbank that color, green stream hauled between, snagged on purple rocks. Yellow and gray and black is the city in the distance. Here in the open field, both sides of the river, are pavilions. Pick any color-they’re all about. Over a thousand pavilions, like balloons and tepees and stemless mushrooms, blazing in the midst of a blue field, strung with pennons, full of moving colors that are people. Three lime-bright bridges span the river. The river leads to a creamy sea which swells but seldom breaks. From it, up the river, come barges and boats and other vessels which moor along the banks. More come out of the sky, settling anywhere upon the blue fabric of the field. Their passengers move among the pavilions. They are of all races and sorts. They eat and they talk. They play. They are making the sounds and wearing the colors. Okay?

(c) Roger Joseph Zelazny. «Creatures of Light and Darkness».

So see your own color «to wear» in my video and draw arts, add your own sounds to complete your Worlds views.


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