“Be yourself” Mandala Coloring Sheets Set


This set of art therapy meditation printable coloring pages includes 3 coloring sheets with the following quotes:
  • Be yourself
  • It is never too late
  • Life is about creating yourself

Mandala coloring printable pdf sheets.

Art therapy meditation exercises.

These meditation techniques can help you to improve your mental health.

Are you in love with coloring pages, sheets, book. May you are looking those printables for fun or for meditation. May be you are interested in learning how to deal with stress or recognizing your own growth and inner strength. Try these mandala painting art therapy.
The first thing that might strike your eye is that these mandalas are similar or even the same.
I suggest you focus on the phrase above the picture. Take a break.
Think about that phrase. What is it mean to you? What is it about for you right now.
Concentrate and start coloring.
Maybe you like me adore variety, differences, nuances and contrasts in living and everyday activities.


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