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➡️ TęRRæFØRmīŃG is Limited Edition Art Collection.
Hurry up to be the owner of the abstract concepts.
🛒 Buy rare conceptual modern printables.
✅ Only 100 copies of each are represented here.
🎨 ArtWorks of this Series is a reflection on the people’s power ability to change in unstable circumstances.
Most of them are facing mental health issues during this period.
Title TęRRæFØRmīŃG means the aptitude to create a new background, new connection, new minds. The Artist proposes you form a new reliance underfoot – a new you own TERRA.
If you have in mind: “Where to buy paintings near me?”, END8LESS STORE BY famous Ukrainian artist Anna Musiienko is the to order wall art print online.

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