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“The Abstraction is the path Anna Has Chosen to express her creativity. It recalls to the her own freedom as well as of the user`s, who not distracted by the depiction of an object, can wander and get the opportunity to enjoy  of the vibrations of color. The Abstractionism is intended as interpretative and subjective freedom of one`s emotions. Social issues are the leitmotiv that lead Anna`s research, where the analysis of the feminine elements finds space. the strength, the courage, the power of women are translated into her own abstract painting whose ups and downs perfectly embodies the movement of life”

Critic text by Laura Francesca Di Trapani 

 “The Woman of the Contemporary Art” Venice 2019

 Woman`s Essence 


* Anna Musiienko is an exhibition participant WOMAN`S ESSENCE The Woman of the Contemporary Art – the Venice Biennale 2019. 

* Anna Musiienko is an exhibition participant of Biennale project “The Shadow of Dream* cast upon Giardini della Biennale project” – Pavilion of Ukraine at the International art exhibition 2019.

* Anna Musiienko is an exhibition participant in collective exhibition “Identification”. The exhibition was opened at the Spivakovska Art Gallery ART: EGO gallery. The curators of the exhibition were Darya Bilenko and Yulia Mikhno, who, according to the results of the Open call from over 400 applications, selected 12 participants, including artists and sculptors of Ukraine.

* Anna Musiienko is an exhibition participant of the group exhibition “Personal Unknown”

Unknown civilizations, secrets of other worlds, personal space, visual anomalies and mystical overtones – in each of us there is that innermost that remains unknown to others.

The new exposition in Spivakovska ART: EGO gallery contains works that will immerse you in an internal dialogue and allow you to even more deeply experience your own subconscious.

Four authors worked on the exhibition under the strict guidance of curator Julia Mikhno Julie Julie: Anna Musienko, Elizaveta Hilko, Dmitriy Zazimko and Yaroslav Valiev.

* Anna Musiienko is an exhibition participant WE CONTEMPORARY

The art catalog WE CONTEMPORARY was presented in Prague on December 5.

This year, 130 artists from different countries were published in it, 29 of which are represented by the Spivakovska ART gallery: EGO gallery.

* Anna Musiienko is an exhibition participant in international Art Project «One day After…» September  2020- November 2020 Kyiv History Museum

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